Istanbul Project Management Association
While the ‘Project Management’ approaches, which have emerged with different characteristics and descriptions in different areas of production and on different project, establishment and sector levels since 1980 in Turkey, is undergoing a process of achieving a generally accepted professional identity in parallel with the developments in the world today, activities aimed at acquirement of extensive knowledge with regard to the field and creation of a terminology have gained importance.
Istanbul Project Management Association (www.ipyd.org) completed its foundation on 18th March 1997 through the efforts of total of 27 founders who involved in this process. The Association currently has more than 480 members from a number of sectors particularly including Construction and Contracting, Telecom, Informatics, and Finance.

Our Mission
To make contributions to effective application of project management to enable efficient use of work force and limited resources of our country.

Our Vision
To become a leading Non-Governmental Organization that extends use of modern principles, methods and tools of project management, and that aims be a reference point and sharing platform in the field of project management in Turkey and the Eurasia corridor. 

Our Goal
To make project management to be considered as a profession in all disciplines, to improve and spread the theory and applications of project management, to encourage professionalism and quality in project management, and to ensure improvement and protection of codes of conduct, professional standards and accreditation conditions.
For more information about the history, project activities and events of our Association, please visit www.ipyd.org.  



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