Workshop Moderator: M.Tolga ÖZDEMİR, MSc, PMP, LEED AP BD&C

Murat Tolga ÖZDEMİR

After 1998 Adana-Ceyhan earthquake and 1999 Marmara earthquake, he worked as a design engineer in retrofitting and strengthening projects of many public and private structures. He worked as a site engineer and then as a project manager in various industrial construction projects carried out for well known corporations. In the projects he experienced, he had the opportunity to work on design management, construction project management, pre-engineered metal buildings, master planning, value engineering, construction law and green building certifications.

He has been project manager at Siemens Real Estate, Istanbul, Turkey for five years. Siemens Gebze Premises is the first production facility in Turkey that obtained LEED Gold Green Building Certificate awarded by United States of Green Building Council (USGBC) in 2008.

He owns LEED AP BD&C credential, which is issued by GBCI Green Building Certification Institute, USA and describes an extraordinary depth of knowledge in green building practices and specialization in a particular field.

He owns PMP (Project Management Professional) credential, which is issued by Project Management Institute, USA and recognizes the ability to lead and direct cross-functional teams to deliver projects within the constraints of schedule, budget and scope.

He has BSc and MSc degrees relatively from Yıldız Technical University and Bogazici University Civil Engineering departments.


  • What is green building?  
  • What is green building certification?
  • Types of green building certificates?
  • How to get green building certificate? What are the benefits?
  • Best green building practices in Turkey and in the world
  • Recent developments in Turkish green building market  
  • Discussion on green design, certificate, best practices in an interactive environment
  • LEED GA Exam Preparation (in case there is a demand)

Duration: Half Day  


Workshop Moderator:
Zachary Bedford, President & CEO, MacDonald Bedford, LLC
Ahmet Taşpınar, PMP, REP, Director of Training Services, MacDonald Bedford, LLC

Zachary Bedford

J. Zachary Bedford has over 30 years of experience in engineering, construction and facilities management, working in the private sector, the government and in the armed services. He has served as Chief Operating Officer for an engineering design and environmental services firm and Vice-President of a geotechnical and environmental services firm. Zack was also the Director of an Army Engineering and Environmental Laboratory.

Zack Bedford has managed project teams through complex programs and projects of all phases, with budgets exceeding $100 million.  These include a variety of facilities and infrastructure projects.  He also served as Chief of Project management for the Pentagon renovation.

Mr. Bedford has a B.A. from Vanderbilt University, a Masters of Engineering from the University of Florida and is an elected member of The National Engineering Honor Society.  Mr. Bedford is a retired Army Reserve Engineer Officer, a graduate of the Command and General Staff College and a former instructor of the Army’s Combined Arms Services Staff School.

Mr. Bedford is the founder of MacDonald-Bedford and serves as its President and Chief Executive Officer.

Ahmet Taşpınar

Ahmet N. Taspinar is a management consultant providing project management training and consulting services to utilities, educational institutions, engineering/construction, banking, telecommunications and information technology development industries. Ahmet has over 40 years of U.S. and overseas experience in petrochemical and energy projects, and in management information systems development.  He has worked for Mobil Oil, IBM, Raytheon Engineers, ARAMCO, British Petroleum and the University of California in Berkeley. He retired from Pacific Gas & Electric Company in 1993, after 8 years of managing Project Management Training, Tools and Cost/Schedule Support.

A member of Project Management Institute (PMI) since 1977, Ahmet has served as President and Officer of the Northern California Chapter and on numerous chapter and PMI committees. Ahmet was the recepient of the Northern California Chapter’s Person Of The Year ( Wally Kruse ) Award in 1992, and of PMI’s Distinguished Service Award in 1996. He has led the projects to plan and organize the Turkish National Project Management Symposium, DINAMIKLER of the Istanbul Project Management Association ( IPYD ) in 2006, 2007 and in 2008., and has served as the president of IPYD from May 2008 to April 2009.

Ahmet received his PMP (Certified Project Management Professional ) certification in 1991, and is a Registered Education Provider ( REP ) of PMI. He holds a BS in Civil Engineering from Robert College Engineering School, an MS in Civil Engineering from Harvard University and an MBA from Northeastern University.

Scope :

  • Project Risk Management as PMI sees it
  • Challenges posed by a Multi-Cultural Environment 
  • Managing Risk in a Multi-Cultural Environment
  • Experiences in coping with the challenges of cross-cultural Risk Management
  • What can we expect for the next decade

Duration: Half Day


Workshop Moderator:  Tahir ÖZAKKAŞ, MD, PhD, Psychotherapist, Head of Psychtherapy Institute. 

Uz.Dr. Tahir ÖZAKKAŞ

He was born in Kayseri in 1958. He completed his primary and secondary education in Kayseri. He started his medical education in Hacettepe University in 1978. He graduated from Erciyes University Faculty of Medicine in 1986. During his years in the Faculty of Medicine, he completed Istanbul University Faculty of Political Sciences Department of Politics and Administration in 1983. He completed his obligatory service during 1986-88 in Kayseri İncesu district. In the same years he conducted his post graduate studies in Gazi University Faculty of Political Sciences on Psychology of Politics. During the years 1989-93 he completed his doctorate studies in Erciyes University Institute of Health Sciences on Public Health. During 1994-97 he specialized in Psychiatry in Azerbaijan University of Medicine.  Then he got the master degree equivalence in Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine Department of Psychiatry. At the same time he maintained a lecturer position in Azerbaycan Medical School, also he got an associate professor degree. After passing from the associate professor equivalent science candidate exams he completed his thesis titled “Psycho, Pharmaco and Combined Therapy Response Specialties in Anxiety Disorders”.  He currently continues his studies in Turkey and Azerbaijan.

His areas of interest are psychotherapy and hypnotherapy applications in personality disorders and anxiety disorders.  Since 2005 he organizes Integrative Psychotherapy Training Program on theoretical, formulation and supervision levels for mental health professionals in the Psychotherapy Institute founded by him and representing the Masterson Institute in Turkey. This training programme is lasting for three years and the first four training group has been completed their trainings. Currently there are two more groups; proceeding their classes and also  there is another group will begin their classes soon.  This education curriculum has been accepted by Masterson Institute and attenddees who completed their trainings will be accepted as a suprevisee for being an education analysts of Masterson Institute.

Dr. Özakkaş has many published papers and books also he is still the president of Psychotherapy Institude Association and Hypnosis Association.


AMAÇ: Genelde insan ilişkilerinde, özelde proje yönetimindeki insan ilişkilerinin psikolojik dinamiklerini kavrayarak, bireyler ve kurumlar  arasındaki profesyonel ilişkinin yürütülmesinde ihtiyaç duydukları etkili iletişim becerilerini ve olası çatışmaları yönetme kapasitelerini geliştirmeleri için ihtiyaç duydukları temel psikolojik bilgi ve becerileri edinmelerini sağlamak.

YÖNTEM: Öncelikle gruba insan ilişkilerinin psikolojik boyutları ile ilgili 60 dakikalık bir bilgilendirme eğitimi verilmesi. Ardından 90 dakikalık iki oturum halinde gönüllülerden oluşacak bir ön grupla, şimdi ve burada ilkesi perspektifinde grup dinamiklerinin canlandırılması, grup iletişimindeki örtük mesajların gösterilmesi, örtük mesajlara uygun yaklaşım stratejilerinin öğretilmesi.


  • Ruhsal Aygıt
  • Savunma Mekanizmaları
  • Kişilik ve Kimlik
  • İletişim becerileri
  • Kişilerarası ilişkilerde çatışma ve problem çözme

HEDEF GRUP: Proje yöneticileri ve diğer yöneticiler

Duration and Date : April 2011, Thursday, Half Day



Workshop Moderator:  Mehpare SÖZENER, MBA


After graduating from “FMV Özel Işık Lisesi” in 1983, she studied Political Science at Boğaziçi University between 1983-88, and later obtained her MBA at Wayne State University in 2000. She worked as a dealer in the Treasury Department of the T.Emlak Bank, and later as asssistant manager at Marmara Bank. After the 1994 economic crisis, she worked for Tourama Tourism as a finance and marketing coordinator. She moved to Michigan,USA in 1996 where she continued her career at JP Morgan Chase and later at Fifth Third Bank as a credit analyst for commercial loans. She later joined the Royal Bank of Scotland, Michigan as an assistant vice president in the commercial loan analysis group. In her spare time, she has taught social sciences to primary school students in Armutlu, İstanbul for Supporting The Modern Life Organization (Çağdaş Yaşamı Destekleme Derneği) and is still teaching English to university students for the same organization. She was a board member of TACAM (Turkish American Assocaition of Michigan), founded the kid’s club for them and managed various aspects of the association for two years. As part of her activities she also served as editor of TACAM’s monthly magazine for two years.  She worked as one of the founders of the Peace In the World Initiative in Michigan and received the best volunteer award. She has traveled to 43 countries. She gave a seminar in Michigan about India for TACAM, about different religions and faiths at the Robert College Alumni Club ın December 2010 and is still giving cultural differences seminars in Fındıklı, Kafika.


Did you know that...

  • 47% of the workforce is female in Germany?
  • The seating arangement is very important in Japan?
  • Employees give donations to charities that their company supports in order to be able to wear casual clothing and sneakers on Fridays?
  • Business meetings take place in massage parlors instead of restaurants in Belgium?

Did you know that...

  • Far Easterns look at ground when they are talking?
  • Japanese people don’t touch each other when they are talking?
  • When Ukrainians hit their neck with their second finger, it means “let’s drink”?

Did you know that...

  • Since literacy is low in Pakistan, newspapers can’t bring in enough advertisment revenue to be able to afford their operations?
  • Although it snows heavily in Michigan for six months, roads are 99% of the time open?
  • Human feces is used as fertilizer in the farms of China?

Did you know that...

  • Americans rarely use a knife during dinner?
  • It’s rude to accept a diner offer before rejecting three times in Asia?
  • Belching means a compliment to the cook or chef in Taiwan?

Duration: 3 Hours


Workshop Moderator:  To Be Announced Soon


To Be Announced Soon


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